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DUI & Traffic Warrants
A warrant in some states can be issued for an unpaid traffic ticket or failure to appear in court. If you are arrested, typically you are granted a continuance to appear in court or a person acting on your behalf is required to post a bail amount ordered by a judge for your release. 

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Regardless, if you think you have a warrant for failure to appear or other criminal infractions it makes sense seek a professional attorney. If you  would like a second opinion regarding your case or feel you need professional advise visit www.trafficcourtpros.com

When a court issues a legal warrant it is also known as a writ warrant,   which is signed by a judge. No one can harass you over the phone or threaten to arrest you for an outstanding warrant. Only a qualified law enforcement official can serve a warrant. Notice of warrants requesting an individual appear in court for a legal matter are mailed or served by law enforcement to the individual's address. The person is then given a time period in which they're obligated to respond. If the person does not respond, in many counties and states, the U.S. Marshal's Office is appointed by the court and given specific instructions on the writ when serving the arrest warrant for a person. For example, in the state of Texas each year in the months of March & April the U.S Marshal's office is authorized to serve warrants to individuals that include unpaid traffic and parking fines, building and fire code violations, as well as other misdemeanors.

If an individual is secured by a bond and there is a bail or reward to return that person to court then a bail bondsman may issue a bounty hunter to apprehend the individual. In this case, the bounty hunter will perform a search and seizure and upon finding the individual will return him or her to jail. If you aren't sure if you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you can check with the records department at the local court house. Or for a convenient and confidential service you can use an on-line system such as www.arrestwarrantrecords.com to get more information about the type of warrant in your name.

What Are Your Legal Rights If you Get Pulled Over for a DUI
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What Are Your Legal Rights If you Get Pulled Over for a DUI